Gypsum purity 90-92%

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Minerals extracted from the soil as well as mines have different types. Gypsum is one of the types of minerals used in the construction of various building materials and in some cases in the industries. Gypsum is also produced in various grades. Different types of gypsum should be used in relation to the type of use. Gypsum is 90-92%, including gypsum used for building materials. Gypsum should be 90-92% centimeters to choose from.

Of course, gypsum is 90-92% good grade, but the only grade should not be the criterion. The quality of gypsum is also very important, and if it is not of good quality, the quality of the product will be low. Producer companies should buy gypsum companies that are extracted from the best mines. Unfortunately, many of our country's mines do not have high-quality gypsum.

But KSKISH COMPANY is different from other companies. The mines that the company is considering for the extraction of gypsum as well as other minerals is located in the south of the country. The mines in the south of the country are rich in materials, which greatly increase the quality of the products produced.

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