Gypsum purity 85-90%

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There are a lot of mines around the country for some minerals to be mined for building materials or for some industrial products. But there is a very important case that makes these mines different from each other. Ghana is one of the most important factors among mines. The higher the richness of the mine, the higher the quality and the better. Gypsum is also one of the minerals that is produced in full as well as at a different level of quality. Gypsum powder in the range of 85-90% is produced in high and high quality KSKISH CO .

Soil and Stone Company Kish has been involved in the extraction and production of various types of gypsum for about two decades, and has so far provided many minerals to industrial companies as well as construction materials producers. Gypsum plaster is used in the construction of building materials of 85-90%. Its most widely used in the production of building plaster is of high quality.

One of the most important things that building materials companies are sensitive to is the price of gypsum and other minerals. Fortunately, the company offers all its products at the best prices. Maybe other companies will offer their products at low prices, but they certainly will have a low quality.

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