Gypsum 0 - 50 mm

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Gypsum is one of a variety of materials found in nature that has many applications in the industry as well as in construction. Gypsum, used in the cement industry, is called gypsum. This type of gypsum is 0-50 mm and is used for the cement industry by a special machine. After crushing gypsum 0 to 50 mm are stored in special hoppers. From 0 to 50 mm gypsum is used in the cement industry to control compounds such as clinker powder and water.

One of the companies that extracts gypsum from the rich mines of the southern country and is ready to be supplied to various industries, KSKISH CO. KSKISH CO is not a new company and its history dates back two decades ago. The grade of gypsum produced in this company is high and is very suitable for industrial and construction purposes.

The most advanced and advanced extraction equipment is used to make gypsum and other materials, which is a very significant development. The use of advanced devices will greatly increase the quality of the material.

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