Grinding Gypsum

There are many minerals in the depths of soils as well as mines. All of the parts and appliances that are visible around them are all made from these minerals. These materials are used as raw materials for the construction of each commodity. One of the many uses is gypsum. Gypsum is the same gypsum that is used as a building material after the manufacturing process. Gypsum can not be used immediately after being extracted from the mine or the soil surface, and must be cooked and then grinded.

Gypsum is extracted in the form of coarse stone, which must be turned into very small pieces in a process. Gypsum conversion to smaller pieces is called aggregation. One of the methods used to convert gypsum into smaller pieces is gypsum plaster grinding. The degree of purity is very important in gypsum plastering. One of the types of gypsum that has a high mesh and known as micronized plaster is for whitening internal walls of buildings, mold making, sculpture and some other applications.

KSKISH is a company that extracts and manufactures gypsum in any tonnage at the customer's request, which is ready to make gypsum aggregate according to customer's order. Gypsum aggregates are executed at different tariffs in each company, which considers the company the fairest tariff.