Gypsum Rock

Gypsum is one of the most widely used calcium building materials in the fifth place. Gypsum found in nature has a soft texture and is obtained by cooking and milling it. Gypsum sold as a building material is actually a gypsum stone. Gypsum has many different types. Crystal gypsum is a type of gypsum that is in layered form and the hydro-sulphate sheets that stick together form it
Non-crystalline gypsum is one of the most abundant rocks found in nature, and is used as a raw material in gypsum-producing factories. Other industries also use non-crystalline gypsum
Marble gypsum is a gypsum that is used as a decorative stone. This type of gypsum is used to provide a sculpture as well as a photo frame .Pure gypsum also has no color and is very clear. This type of gypsum is used as a cover for windows as it can pass light through it. Unlike other gypsum, this type of gypsum is rarely found in nature. Pure gypsum is produced in various purity, which is used in different types of gypsum in construction, medical, molding, sulfate, cement, ceramic and food industries. A case that is very important in the production of gypsum is its grade. The higher the quality, the better it will be. Kish Soil & Stone Co. is one of the manufacturers and also gypsum suppliers, which has gypsum quality and high quality as well. You can contact the company's experts to buy high quality gypsum. The company is proud to produce gypsum suitable for a variety of industries, including gypsum for the cement factory, gypsum for gypsum factories, industrial gypsum, and at very reasonable prices. The gypsum produced by the company has such advantages as mining of minerals from the mines, the extraction of mines with modern machinery, proper transportation and quality control of the crust.

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